Why not a Graduate Degree?

When I think of a graduate degree I can envisage a number of rewards. I guess the biggest visualization and reward is that of a huge paycheck. With this degree also comes increased marketability and greater chances of top positions in Corporate America. The feeling of authority and being in charge cannot be overlooked. Self-confidence, high self-esteem and accomplishment are all positive words that are attached to a graduate degree, especially the MBA.

In early 1997 I started to pursue a career in Accounting with my main goal being to sit for the CPA Examination. I successfully completed my Associate Degree in December 1999. Upon finishing my Bachelor’s degree at Clayton College and State University, I had completed 129 credit hours and graduated in May 2002. In order for me to meet the requirements for the CPA examination board I had to have 150 credit hours, which must include a Bachelor’s degree. I Therefore needed 21 credit hours to complete this requirement.

After thorough discussion with my husband we decided that instead of just trying to complete 21 credit hours merely to satisfy the CPA requirement, I should opt for the Graduate Degree. In this way I would not only be prepared for the CPA examination but I will also have a prestigious qualification added to my repertoire.

I stayed away from school for approximately one year. The purpose of the stay-out was to recuperate from “academic burnout”, spend some time with my family and to give our family-owned Accounting practice some much needed attention. In the meantime, I was working on my GMAT and looking for a Masters Program that would fit my busy schedule while equipping me for a top position in Corporate America.

On Tuesday, August 12, 2003 I looked at my caller ID which read “University of Phoenix”. I picked up the phone and heard the most encouraging and upbeat voice at the other end of the line. Needless to say I was overwhelmed and thrilled at what I heard. After some research and investigation, I concluded that this was the program I was waiting for. As they say, the rest is History.

Students have various reasons for obtaining a graduate degree. For me, it is the imminent rewards which are virtually assured with the completion of the MBA. Already, I can see myself smartly dressed, at board meetings, being in control, while guiding my associates and making positive and constructive changes in one of Georgia’s big recognized firms.

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