Value of a Baccalaureate Degree Essay

I would like to pursue a baccalaureate degree in Business Management for several reasons. It will give me a goal to reach for, it will help me excel in both my present career and in the future, and it will give me something to do during my free time while I am not at work.

The goal I am striving for is the actual diploma stating that I have a baccalaureate degree in Business Management. I feel that this goal is achievable and can be obtained in the next few years. I believe that I should always set goals for myself so that I know which direction I want to head in life. In the process of reaching this goal, I will be able to take the skills learned in class and put them to use in the job I currently have. I hope to become more proficient in the skills I already have and to become more self-efficient in the tasks I have to perform. I would like to become a better communicator in both verbal expression and written forms. I would like to learn how to get my message across in a more clear and concise manner while communicating with both peers and management at work. I feel this would help both my present employer and myself, now and in the future. I feel the better I become at my job while using the new application skills I will learn while attending school for my graduate degree, will better the company, which will in turn help my career in the future.

This will help me pursue other careers in my present company and new careers in the future. While learning these skills in the classroom with my fellow peers, and during the application process, I will be able to use otherwise wasted time in front of the television when I am not at work. Recently, I have found myself spending a lot more time at home in front of the television. I would like to be able to find a better way to spend my free time and while trying to determine how to spend my time I could not think of a better way than going back to school to learn career valuable skills.

Because of these above stated reasons I have decided to go back to school and pursue a graduate degree in Business Management.

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