Statement of Purpose

The discipline of Industrial Engineering has continued to contribute in numerous and important ways to Worldwide progress over the years. Industrial Engineering is both an art and science by itself, with immense potential for growth in a developing country like India. In order to attain excellence and utilize one’s potential to the maximum the right inputs are essential. The past few years of being an Industrial Engineering and Management student has effectively introduced me to the fascinating world of Industrial Engineering.
A consistent academic record coupled with the desire to explore new avenues in order to enrich my knowledge and contribution to society triggers my need to pursue Graduate Studies in the United States of America, which is my foremost option. My inclination is towards technology and the integration of various technologies in the design and implementation of engineering solutions. I am therefore led to believe that a graduate study program that is both flexible and allows one to tailor make the program so as to suit the career objectives and goals of the individual is the ideal choice for me.

As a part of my curriculum, I carried out an ambitious research project during my senior year of under graduate study. The project involved standardizing the Materials Management module to ERP package (MFG/PRO). This was done at Maini Precision Products Private Ltd., Bangalore. The project was in direct relation to my present field of expertise (Industrial Engineering).

As a student from India, my financial resources do not permit me to bear the expenses of a Graduate program in the US entails. As the support I can expect from my parents is limited, I would require substantial financial assistance. My academic objective is not only a Master’s Degree but also a doctorate and beyond. I strongly believe that research leading to fruitful discovery gives one greater satisfaction than much else. I also believe that diligence is an essential quality for succeeding in a competitive area of study such as Industrial Engineering. I am sure I can put in any amount of hard work to achieve success.

Another factor that I believe will help me round my personality is the chance that I will get to assimilate the good points from different cultures that I will be exposed to by interacting with different kinds of people while undergoing my Graduate studies. I am certain to utilize my potential for research and to exploit my strengths in academics. I am convinced that a Graduate level degree from your esteemed institution would be a step in the right direction.

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