Should people be allowed to keep pit-bull dogs essay

The title of the essay speaks for itself. Perhaps, a reader wants a definite yes/no answer. However, it is difficult to judge, especially when it comes to such things as taking care of pets. The problem is that having a kitten at home is not like having a Nile croc in your bathroom. Of course, taking care of exotic animals implies responsibility. Anyway, it is definitely not a good idea. It is all about safety. Thus, having a pit bull at home is about safety, too. Some people cannot understand why others buy these mean dogs and make them fight.

If such a pit bull causes no discomfort for neighbors, and especially kids, there is nothing wrong in having this monster at home. People should understand that they are in jeopardy themselves, i.e. there are cases when pit bulls attacked their owners for no reason. These are not the smartest dogs on planet, so, individuals need to think twice before deciding to have one at home.

We live in a free and democratic society (or at least we think we do). Things not forbidden by law are allowed. That is why it is illegal and unethical to impose such a “pit bull ban”. At the same time, it is totally unacceptable to walk these dogs without a leash and a muzzle. Nobody wants to get scared by a dog while enjoying an afternoon walk in a park. Instead of an overall ban, imposing fines is a great idea! Once a policeman notices a pit-bull without a muzzle, his owner will have to pay a fine and be more responsible next time.

The world history teaches us that instead of banning everything, it is more reasonable to handle controversial situations. Tastes differ, so some individuals love pit-bulls. The society cannot deprive them of such a right, as long as having a pit-bull does not affect freedom of other people who obviously want to feel safe.

Want to have a sweet pit bull at home? Go ahead! Do not forget about a leash with a muzzle! However, it may be better to buy a parrot or a Sheppard. Anyway, the decision is yours.

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