High School Dropouts in Canada

This paper will discuss teenage dropouts in Canada, areas where the dropouts come from, gender of the students, age, and any other information that is viable reasons to quit school before graduation. This paper will also include several surveys and accurate findings done by Canadian schools and officials.

According to the Human Resources Development of Canada it is hard to keep up with the labor market with all the education and training required that without the completion of high school a decent job is hard to find. This is a competitive economy dominated by technology and advanced skills making it difficult for people to obtain a basic standard of living without an education.

Currently, 137,000 Canadian youth fail to complete their basic education. Males represent the greater proportion of 14% while female dropouts average 9.2%. Still, dropout rates have declined from 18 % in 1991 to 11.4 % in 1999. (more…)

The graduate scene analysis

The Movie The Graduate directed by Mike Nichols is a coming of age story entailing the confusions young adults go through as to whether they actually are adults or still kids. The film attempts to relay a message of innocence being pushed in an unwanted direction through a society filled with expectations and selfishness of an older generation. Nichols does this successfully through using many different symbols throughout the movie such as the use of water.

Water, is the most common symbol in the movie, signifying his overwhelming confusion and being sub-merged in it. This happens when he is leaning against the fish tank in his room during the party when he attempts to think about his future. Then again, on his birthday in his scuba gear when his parents push him into the water, indicating his unwillingness to comply with their demands. The movie also contrasts the two worlds which Benjamin is torn between, a tainted “adult life” which includes the affair with an older woman or her daughter a young and innocent girl. A symbolic image of this is when Benjamin is at the hotel about to enter into the lobby. He opens the door as a group of elderly people walk in but, as he’s about to pass through a group of teenagers who are obviously at their prom walk through too. This displays Benjamin’s questions of belonging very well. As for the editing of the movie, the cross cutting between the two settings of Benjamin’s house and the hotel room where he meets Mrs. Robinson helps us understand and sympathize with Benjamin’s struggle. (more…)

Breaking Free From the Mold

In medieval England, people were divided not by race or sex, but rather class. From the noble men and women at the top to the peasants at the bottom, each was bound to the class in which they were born into. To change your fate was something unheard of in those times. The founding fathers of the United States of America saw a vision of a nation where all men are created equal. This vision saw a constant interchanging class system. Today, the US sticks by this ability to break free from the mold and to become something greater than you were.

In Gilber and Kohl’s writings on social classes, they state that definite groups or classes are determined according to their financial and everyday lifestyles(434-438). Yes, I definitely agree with the fact that social classes are prevalent in our nation, and I also see the truth in their points on how to move from class to class. Their main point, and mine/ comes from the fact that education leads to great things. There are absolute specific factors that aid in moving up the hierarchy ladder in the US, and the main ones are education, and pursuing every chance to better your knowledge of the world. (more…)

General Education

In a sense of speaking, doing the job one has been trained to do, does not necessarily mean the person is experienced and does a great job. To be experienced is to do extra outside the specialized workplace to which comes the ability to do things that are not necessarily required to be done. This is why we as school children are required to take general education in college. School children keep whining about the fact of having to take general education in college and say that they hardly help them in their future careers. General education does help a lot; we just don’t see it in ourselves but through other. General education might not seem as an important component of our schooling, but if a deep look is taken into its effect on school children, it does have a lot of importance, and the more reason it needs to stay in the university curriculum.

There are many discussions I hear around campus about students doing classes that totally have nothing to do with what they are majoring in, such as, majoring in nursing and having to do freshman composition or American history. Having taken a religion class has no direct relationship to becoming a psychologist whatsoever, but once a big picture is seen, a great career starts with a well-matured mind and stable background. (more…)

Effect of Project Get Going on Computer Skills of Incoming Graduate Students

Project Get Going was developed to help incoming graduate students enhance their computer skills. The project used a multimedia package that incorporated music and culturally appropriate vignettes and exercises in the hope that the incoming graduate students would have their computer skills enhanced.

The sample was divided by teams. Each team attended daily hour-long, lab-based instructions using the Project Get Going multimedia package for 25 days before they started their graduate studies.

All students were given pre and posttest to measure their level of comprehension and mastery of computer concepts and skills prior to, and upon completion of Project Get Going.

Analysis of the findings of the pre and posttest scores will be used to determine the validity of Project Get Going and help determine if the project is succeeding in enhancing graduate students’ computer skills (Raw data is presented in Appendix A). It intends to answer questions such as: Did participation in Project Get Going increase students’ comprehension and mastery of computer concepts and skills? Is there a significant relationship between pre and posttest scores for the entire group? For males? For females? For each of the teams? Is there a significant difference between pre and posttest scores for the entire group? For males? For females? For each of the team? Did the males and females perform differently? (more…)

Marine Career Paper

When the United States decided to fight the Iraqis in Kuwait in the Desert Storm operation of 1991 or intervene in the violence in Somalia in the mid-nineties, the Marine Corps was called upon to execute the missions. While The Marines Corps is the branch of the Navy specializing in amphibious tactics, meaning that it combines land and water maneuvers. With the help of an air support division, Marines are a rapid-response force, able to deploy troops to anywhere on the globe on short notice. The Marines are intended for short-term strikes, leaving the longer missions to the larger and slower-moving Army. Five thousand Marines are stationed on Navy ships around the world, and along with major bases in Camp Pendleton, California, and Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, 20,000 Marines live and work in Okinawa, Japan.

Broadly speaking, anyone who wants to be one of “the few, the proud” needs to choose between two career paths: that of an enlisted Marine and that of a commissioned officer. Enlistees make up the majority of the active-duty force of 178,000 men and women, but contrary to common belief, only 15% of them are infantrymen-those who do the sloshing, on-the-ground, in-the-line-of-fire work. The rest work in communications, electronics, intelligence, supply, armor, or other duties. Being one of the Marines’ 18,000 officers requires a higher level of education, training, and commitment, but offers greater responsibility and career potential in return. (more…)

Buy Self Evaluation Essay

After reviewing the structure and available courses offered through Boston University’s Master of Science in Criminal Justice On-Line Degree format, I truly believe that I belong in the program. While other universities provide a similar format of distance learning, many of these institutions do not carry the academic accreditation and overall prestige that accompanies an education through Boston University. The testimonials from law enforcement professionals validate investing into the university’s curriculum; consequently, anyone serious about advancing one’s law enforcement career must attempt to gain acceptance into Boston University’s Graduate Criminal Justice Program.

As I near completion of my undergraduate degree requirements, I am concurrently embarking on my law enforcement career pursuit. With no law enforcement career experience, I must obtain a graduate degree to remain competitive throughout the hiring process. Regardless of whether the agency exists at the federal, state, or local level, these agencies routinely seek individuals with law enforcement experience. (more…)

Debate about college athletes

As college athletics grows and continues to bring large financial gain to universities and corporate sponsors, the debate over paying college athletes persists. Some people think that a fully paid scholarship for these students is fairly enough for talented individuals while others claim that ‘big bucks’ might tempt them to leave the college early for participating in the pros. Despite the variety of opinions the reasonable decision should be implemented in near future in order to help college athletes to make the decisions concerning their future in a free way, not being limited by different restrictions.

According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules, any player under scholarship is forbidden from having a full-time or part-time job (David Nelson). Thus, college athletes do not have an opportunity to earn extra money as the majority of students do. Scholarship is their only way of having money, but it hardly covers education fees, not saying about personal needs. College athletes the same as other students need to buy food, cloths, spend money to rent an apartment or to entertain with friends. Though they do not have a chance to earn such money since they spend most of their time in the gym or in sporting area while exercising, training or playing games among the universities, thus, bringing large amount of money to the universities. In such a way, universities should also take care about those who bring additional funds to them. (more…)

Buy The electoral college essay online

Buy The electoral college essay online. The recent election involving Bush and Gore has heated up a fifty year old debate. The debate is about whether the Electoral College is still an effective system considering the circumstances the United States now faces compared to when it was created by the founding fathers. The Electoral College is an outdated system of election that misrepresents the people of the United States today. The college was created in a time where communication was limited. Treason, tyranny, and oppression from foreign countries were still a serious threat. In order to protect the people and the institution of America, the government created an election system that allowed the final vote to rest in the hands of a trusted and respected few. These selected few could disregard the popular vote because there was and still is “no Constitutional provision or federal law requiring electors to vote in accordance with the popular vote in their states (National Archives and Records Administration).” For about one hundred and fifty years the United States has used a system that does not coincide with the most popular opinion, but yet, it has been the prevailing system that has not substantially changed with the evolution of American society. (more…)

Buy Essay Deaf School

Buy Essay Deaf School. Nationally and internationally recognized for its commitment to the bilingual/bicultural philosophy of student learning, California School of the Deaf in Fremont is, by far, a remarkable institution. Notable achievements from its curriculum to its sports cause this institute to rise above others. The school prepares students for independent living with rigorous career programs, job coaches, work experience and transition specialists who follow students for two years after graduation, helping them assimilate into their home communities.
The California School for the Deaf (CSD) was founded in 1860 and was the first special education program established in California. Begun in San Francisco, the first class had three students. In 1869, the school moved to a new campus in Berkeley, with approximately fifty students. By 1915 the school’s enrollment had grown to 215 students and the campus was enlarged for the second time. Dr. Henry Klopping was appointed Superintendent in 1975. He believed strongly in the need of the community to be informed regarding the educational needs of the deaf, so he began a new Community Education program with Leo Jacobs as its coordinator. This later became the Outreach Division. (more…)