Debate about college athletes

As college athletics grows and continues to bring large financial gain to universities and corporate sponsors, the debate over paying college athletes persists. Some people think that a fully paid scholarship for these students is fairly enough for talented individuals while others claim that ‘big bucks’ might tempt them to leave the college early for participating in the pros. Despite the variety of opinions the reasonable decision should be implemented in near future in order to help college athletes to make the decisions concerning their future in a free way, not being limited by different restrictions.

According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules, any player under scholarship is forbidden from having a full-time or part-time job (David Nelson). Thus, college athletes do not have an opportunity to earn extra money as the majority of students do. Scholarship is their only way of having money, but it hardly covers education fees, not saying about personal needs. College athletes the same as other students need to buy food, cloths, spend money to rent an apartment or to entertain with friends. Though they do not have a chance to earn such money since they spend most of their time in the gym or in sporting area while exercising, training or playing games among the universities, thus, bringing large amount of money to the universities. In such a way, universities should also take care about those who bring additional funds to them. (more…)

Buy Essay Deaf School

Buy Essay Deaf School. Nationally and internationally recognized for its commitment to the bilingual/bicultural philosophy of student learning, California School of the Deaf in Fremont is, by far, a remarkable institution. Notable achievements from its curriculum to its sports cause this institute to rise above others. The school prepares students for independent living with rigorous career programs, job coaches, work experience and transition specialists who follow students for two years after graduation, helping them assimilate into their home communities.
The California School for the Deaf (CSD) was founded in 1860 and was the first special education program established in California. Begun in San Francisco, the first class had three students. In 1869, the school moved to a new campus in Berkeley, with approximately fifty students. By 1915 the school’s enrollment had grown to 215 students and the campus was enlarged for the second time. Dr. Henry Klopping was appointed Superintendent in 1975. He believed strongly in the need of the community to be informed regarding the educational needs of the deaf, so he began a new Community Education program with Leo Jacobs as its coordinator. This later became the Outreach Division. (more…)

Why Graduate School?

Am I up to the challenge of graduate school? After a series of life events I guess I am. I will attempt to walk you through some of the reasons for my procrastination the last 18 years. After graduation I was very energetic and enthusiastic like many graduates. Obtaining an advance business degree was a personal goal I set after receiving my undergraduate degree in August, 1985. I immediately got a position with Ford Motor Company and began to plant my feet there to go on and start my career path to the executive offices upstairs. I still wanted to obtain my MBA, but work was demanding, and night classes at the end of the day just would not fit into my schedule. I put my advance degree plans on the back burner.

In 1991, I married my husband Larry, who is just as enthusiastic and career oriented as I am. Within 30 days of our marriage, we relocated across country to California for my husband’s job. Since then my life has been a series of relocations to different parts of the country. The first five years of relocating were exciting. Packing up the household; jet setting from one end of the country to another; learning new things, meeting new people, and was always in a new job position. Timing was always a factor on a new job; I put off taking classes until I was acclimated to my new position and new hometown. As life would have it, I would settle in at my new position, and before I could settle in, it was time to move or plan to move again. (more…)

Graduate School

Statement of Intent: One page, typed, explaining your goals in Graduate School leading to your MFA Final Project

Nowadays, the world is changing so fast. There have a lot of advanced, especially in special effect movies; they are more outstanding and exciting than before such as Star war, Hulk, and Matrix. They used a lot of visual effects and character to make more realistic and superior. Currently, the visual effects and character are not too difficult for everyone because of nowadays we have a lot of opportunity to learn and practice. We don’t have to use computer high quality to work at a big company. Because now, they don’t have to use a lot of energy and spend more money, we can do it at home. However, studying from websites or textbooks are not sufficient to make it good enough, so I believe that many people prefer to study computer graphic at school. Furthermore, that must be best school.

In the course of intention my way through school, first of all, I have been interesting in computer graphic for a long time because when I was a child, I used to play and watched a lot of computer games and cartoons that might be the same reason as other people. I have never thought I can use a computer for graphic. At that time, I did not have a chanced to use a computer while I was studying fine art at university. I just paid attention to fine art so I did not know how to use a computer. Until I met someone who is my computer teacher in Thailand, he gave me a lot of computer graphic knowledge, so that made me broader one’s mind and begun my attention. (more…)