Should people be allowed to keep pit-bull dogs essay

The title of the essay speaks for itself. Perhaps, a reader wants a definite yes/no answer. However, it is difficult to judge, especially when it comes to such things as taking care of pets. The problem is that having a kitten at home is not like having a Nile croc in your bathroom. Of course, taking care of exotic animals implies responsibility. Anyway, it is definitely not a good idea. It is all about safety. Thus, having a pit bull at home is about safety, too. Some people cannot understand why others buy these mean dogs and make them fight.

If such a pit bull causes no discomfort for neighbors, and especially kids, there is nothing wrong in having this monster at home. People should understand that they are in jeopardy themselves, i.e. there are cases when pit bulls attacked their owners for no reason. These are not the smartest dogs on planet, so, individuals need to think twice before deciding to have one at home.

We live in a free and democratic society (or at least we think we do). Things not forbidden by law are allowed. That is why it is illegal and unethical to impose such a “pit bull ban”. At the same time, it is totally unacceptable to walk these dogs without a leash and a muzzle. Nobody wants to get scared by a dog while enjoying an afternoon walk in a park. Instead of an overall ban, imposing fines is a great idea! Once a policeman notices a pit-bull without a muzzle, his owner will have to pay a fine and be more responsible next time. (more…)

Dealing with Students Considered Troublemakers

The problem of deviant student behavior in public schools has always been a concern for teachers, the schools’ management, as well as parents. Troublemaking students not only compromise the classroom learning process, but they also distract and demoralize teachers from their profession. Indeed, just a few students can be considered troublemakers, but their impact is felt in the wider community.

Deviant behavior by high school students is characterized by cheating, speaking rudely to teachers, disregarding deadlines, using cell phones in class, engaging in fights, and threatening the teacher and other students. Although most teenagers are prone to delinquent behavior in high school, most of them become responsible if early intervention is forthcoming. (more…)

Essay on Radio Popular in the Age of Television

Why Do You Believe Radio Has Continued to Be Popular in the Age of Television?

The issue I am going to write about is why such means of information transmission as radio stays popular at the time when more modern technologies are evolving.

Radio has always been one of the most powerful media. It goes without saying that it is popular due to the fact that the necessary equipment – radio-transmitter and receiver – is rather cheap in comparison to that of the television. This gives radio a competitive advantage over television, as practically every person can afford using the former, whereas TV programs cost money in addition to the price of purchasing a TV-set.


Education: The Big Payoff

In the business market today, a college education is something to be treasured. In both earning and learning prospective, a college education is worth every penny. An Anonymous person once said, “If you think the price of education is expensive, try the price of ignorance. You pay for ignorance everyday for the rest of your life.” In 2000, 84% of American adults ages 25 and over had at least completed high school and 26% of those had continued on to receive a bachelor’s degree or higher, both at all-time highs. The same study also showed that more American women than men have received bachelor’s degrees every year since 1982. People decide to go to college for many reasons. Some of the most persuasive motives are self-worth, better job opportunities, and economic value.

Our self-esteem influences what we think, how we communicate, how we act, and how others treat us. In regards to education, I believe a better job, financial stability and respect in your workplace are all factors that can promote your self-worth. Without a college degree you may be just settling for a certain job, which can lead to unhappiness. Going to a job everyday that you really don’t want to do doesn’t help your self-esteem. With a degree you can earn respect at your workplace, which empowers you to perform your job to the fullest and look forward to coming to work the next day. You will feel that you are worth more to society and to yourself. (more…)

Essay on Why Graduate School?

The well known cliché “life is a journey, not a destination” is a very true and pertinent statement as to why I wish to return to graduate school. In life we all reach points where we must step out of our comfort zone in order to grow. I have reached one of those particular points and feel that it is time to continue my education in graduate school. Attaining an advanced degree such as an M.B.A. can be a necessity in today’s very competitive economy. Companies want people who are educated and can give them every edge possible. Possessing a graduate level degree can have several superb advantages. The specific reasons why I wish to return to graduate school are to create more lucrative career opportunities, expand personal knowledge, and obtain a sense of personal achievement.

Although not the entire calculation of career success, salary is a very widely used benchmark. It takes effort and desire to increase one’s salary so therefore often it is used as measurement. Education is a very important weapon to have in the fight to increase one’s salary. According to a recently released U.S. Census Bureau Report. Personal average lifetime earnings directly correlate with level of education with high school graduates earning an average 1.2 million, college graduates 2.1 million and graduate school(law, medical, & business) graduates 4.4 million(, 2003, 1st Para.). It is also a well known fact that during economically recessive times lower paying jobs are usually eliminated at a rate more rapid than management positions. Therefore having a graduate level degree can provide you with a career that is not only more lucrative monetarily but also more secure. (more…)

Why not a Graduate Degree?

When I think of a graduate degree I can envisage a number of rewards. I guess the biggest visualization and reward is that of a huge paycheck. With this degree also comes increased marketability and greater chances of top positions in Corporate America. The feeling of authority and being in charge cannot be overlooked. Self-confidence, high self-esteem and accomplishment are all positive words that are attached to a graduate degree, especially the MBA.

In early 1997 I started to pursue a career in Accounting with my main goal being to sit for the CPA Examination. I successfully completed my Associate Degree in December 1999. Upon finishing my Bachelor’s degree at Clayton College and State University, I had completed 129 credit hours and graduated in May 2002. In order for me to meet the requirements for the CPA examination board I had to have 150 credit hours, which must include a Bachelor’s degree. I Therefore needed 21 credit hours to complete this requirement. (more…)

Write My College Essay Online

As I walked through the doors of the beginning of my high school year, I realized that very moment, I am about to deal with many obstacles that will try to separate me from my goals. Through much turbulence and interventions that I have faced to achieve many of my ambitions; I have developed into a stronger individual. Throughout my family, none of my six brothers and sisters had ever graduated from high school, and I know since I am the last daughter; my goal is to graduate high school with at least a 4.0 as my grade point average and become a role model for other people. Having my goals already set in advance shows my determination to succeed in life.

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Towards the end of my ninth grade year, one of the numerous obstacles that I had to face was finding out that I was sick with something that doctors did not even know what I had. He said that my stomach was processing some type of bacteria that was not supposed to be there. So he said that maybe it was best if they wash out my stomach by sticking a tube down my throat and clean the inside of my stomach. After that procedure, he said that it will not come back again. Soon later, about one month, my stomach started to hurt. My parents took me back to the hospital and the doctor said that the bacteria came back again. They did not know what to do so they just gave me tons of medicine, therefore, they could figure out what to do. Not only did I begin to lose confidence in myself, but I started to fall in to a deep depression. (more…)

Why a Graduate Degree?

Why should I pursue a graduate degree? Is a demanding question that is often asked in one form or another among students that have completed their undergraduate degree. This question is a challenging question for many due to situations and circumstances that are taking place in student’s lives. Situations and circumstances include new marriages, new families, demanding careers, as well as, diverse social and networking activities in the church and community. Despite the situations and circumstances that are weighed against the options of pursuing a graduate degree or not pursuing a graduate degree: Choosing to obtain a graduate degree could prepare one for unlimited possibilities in personal, scholastic, or professional endeavors.

I chose to pursue a graduate degree to mutually fulfill my life long learning commitment as well as my personal development commitments established before or during undergraduate school. One commitment I made to myself was to increase my self-confidence. It was the same reason I chose to join the US Army immediately following high school; since, I wanted to fulfill the army’s basic training requirements while increasing my self-confidence. (more…)

How to Teaching Deaf Students to Read Essay Topic

“Deaf children read, on the average, at the fourth grade level when they graduate from high school.” (“Why shared reading?”, 2000, p. 1) This statistic is both troubling and predictable. It is troubling, because Deaf persons have an intellectual ability range similar to their hearing peers. It is predictable because according to Gail Brand, American Sign Language instructor at Northwest Indian College, Deaf culture doesn’t understand “Hearing” nuances of English language that include idioms and metaphors. “Signers” of ASL communicate with a great deal of clarifying contextual clues.

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Problems with language usage and comprehension of abstract topics can occur when teaching Deaf students to read. (Smith, Polloway, Patton, & Dowdy, 1998) Marie Clay identified four cues that strategic Hearing readers use: meaning, visual, letter sounds and language structure. When adults read to children regularly in the preschool years, they develop concepts about print such as directionality and punctuation (an aspect of language structure) by listening to an adult reading fluently. (Clay, 1993) They learn comprehension strategies and vocabulary when an adult discusses the story with the child. (Armbruster, Ph.D, Lehr, & Osborn, M.Ed., 2001) This discussion of strategies recommends three to help overcome reading difficulties. They are using specific techniques when reading to Deaf students, developing phonological awareness in profoundly deaf children and using miscue analysis to assess and plan for instruction for Deaf readers. (more…)

Should College Athletes Get Paid Essay

At some colleges, college athletics are a key source of income, and they attract students to their institutions. Universities depend on their athletes to produce and maintain the popularity of their school’s name. College athletes are suppose to be the best of the best on that level, so why do college athletes not get paid?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA, says that it is trying to protect the athletes from exploitation by professional and commercial enterprises (Brawn). Many argue that student athletes should not be paid because they are receiving an education through a scholarship. These people feel that the promise of their education being paid for is enough for the college athletes. On the opposite side of the issue, people argue that the college athlete generates enough income for the universities, and they feel that the university owes the athletes more than a scholarship. Student athletes should be given a small stipend for their services to the university. (more…)