“How Do You Expect Your College Education to Change the Rest of Your Life?” Essay

When I was little, my father took me aside, sat me down, and told me—in plain terms—that when I came to age, I would have a basic choice: join the Army or go to college. My father believed that the worth of a man is only met in the heights he chooses to reach for and the drive he shows chasing after his goals. My father came from the segregated South, in which a black man was never meant to be more than a sharecropper or a manual laborer. Higher education was not available to him; he dropped out of school at grade six, worked as a sharecropper and a barber, joined the Army during the Korean War, started his own business and—on the weight of his own sweat—made himself a success.

At the beginning I had no clear expectations about my higher education but I knew Freelancehouse.co.uk is best essay writing service UK Native Speakers. I switched majors and concentrations nearly yearly—I had an understanding of many subjects, but a passion for none at the time. I graduated far below my capability with multiple concentrations and no real direction. After graduation, I worked as a teacher and for the Federal Government, and when a fire burned my personal possessions—including my college degree—I felt no true lost; I was not using it. (more…)

Should Smoking Be Allowed at Parks and Other Outdoor Public Venues?

Cigarette smoking is an accepted practice among men and women in today’s society. However, smoking is no a habit for everyone. In the public places like parks, for instance, the crowds are composed of smokers and non-smokers. Non-smokers prefer cleaner and breathable air; smokers, being human, love fresh air but can’t avoid lighting their cigars. The issue then is about the right to smoke, which is contrary to the right to clean air. However, both rights are impossible to cater at all circumstances. If the right to smoke applies to everyone, the same applies to the rights to fresh air. The establishment of the right to smoke in public places has costs on the non-smokers while the right to fresh air also has costs to those who smoke. For example, if public smoking is allowed those who do not smoke are susceptible to the damaging effects of SHS or second-hand smoke. Despite the evidences of its negative effects, the cigarette industry still booms in almost every country. Garland Denelsky observed that tobacco companies understand that if smoking bans were strictly implemented, it would seriously affect their industry and the image they have established to make smoking a sensation. To date, the debate on smoking in public places still rages on.

We all know that clean air is necessary for humans to breathe, and that one of the greatest challenges in the environment is air pollution. Its sources include the smoke from millions of cigarette users. Smoking must be limited and should not be practiced in areas frequented by the general public like in the parks and workplaces. Of course, smokers can still smoke, but only in areas where non-smokers will not be harmed by such deadly habit. To conclude, the main preference is to guarantee a cleaner air for the general public, but smokers can still smoke in a more regulated window of opportunity.

Buy Essay Civil Rights

Martin Luther King an exceptional civil rights leader who began the major change in the south that we in fact see today. Before King came on the scene there were many problems with diversity in the south. Blacks were not allowed to eat or even go to the same places as the whites; everything that was available was segregated. Due to King he began the most powerful step in the right direction on the fight against segregation in the south. He started small then worked his way politically toward Washington DC, which without a doubt was an awesome move. That move in particular made all the hurt and pain of the blacks visible to the whole nation to see and decide for them where we stand in terms of diversity as a nation.

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In our society today I really believe that we have come a long way from the spraying and restaurant segregation however it is not those acts that I am concerned about; I just want to be treated fairly. Whether it be for employment or even school or excepted by another race, I just believe that once we can see past the color of ones skin and start to examine ones character we will have defeated diversity.


How to Write Graduate Research Papers

Graduate research paper writing:
• difficult for students to write;
• choosing a unique topic as a solution;
• use a knowledgeable and impressive note;

Graduate research paper is one of the most common things that students worry about. Most students always tend to struggle while dealing with research graduate papers. However, there are some relevant tips and guidelines that can make the whole process seem easier and more possible. Generally, a graduate research paper can be started with a nice, unique topic. This topic has to be a topic that is interesting and very familiar. Then, you can write the paper with a knowledgeable tone and an impressive note, guaranteed to get you a good grade.

High School Diploma

Receiving my high school diploma not only meant a great deal to me, but was perhaps one of the most rewarding moments of my life because I was the first person in my family to graduate. This may seem a little strange or possibly be hard to believe in these days, but every member of my family before me dropped out of school for one reason or another. I guess what also made graduating so rewarding was the fact that no one ever expected me, of all people, to succeed. Not only did I end up becoming proud of myself for staying in school and ending up in college, but my mom and brother were very proud of me because I have ended up doing something with my life. I know I made them proud by furthering my education and setting higher goals for my self.

When I was growing up my brother was always the “smarter one” of the two of us, so naturally everyone thought he would be the first to graduate, but he never got that chance. Times got hard between my parents so they split up, and eventually got divorced. My brother felt that it was his responsibility to help my mom out with paying bills so he dropped out of high school and got a full time job. Although he never actually graduated he eventually went back to get his GED. I suppose it was when my parents spilt and my brother dropped out that school became less important to me. (more…)