Alternatives To College Research Paper

From the day we’re born most of our parents dream of the day when their sons and daughters graduate from college and become successful. Those dreams eventually become expectations and are constantly drilled into our minds as we become older. So most of us accept the idea that landing a successful job means getting a college degree, when in reality this isn’t true. There are many alternatives to obtaining a successful working career other than by way of obtaining a college degree. I will describe three career paths, other than a college degree, that a person can choose and have a successful career. The first would be the United States Armed Forces, the second would be professional sports, and the third would be attaining on-the-job training and specialized job certifications.

Let’s begin with the United States Armed Forces, which is often criticized and least encouraged by many people of all other career paths. But how many people know that the military has one of the best retirement plans? This is one of the military’s best kept secrets. If a person were to enlist for active duty military service at the age of 18 in any branch of the military, he or she could retire and collect a military pension by the age of 38. Upon retirement you would be entitled to full medical benefits indefinitely; you would also receive a monthly check calculated to 50% of what you grossed monthly at your date of retirement. Upon completing the first term in the military under honorable conditions, you are entitled to a veteran’s loan, towards the purchase of your home. This is a guaranteed loan provided by the government at the lowest interest rate available. And the loan is at your disposal until you decide to use it. But most of the focus is on earning money towards a college. (more…)