Graduate Essays on Motivation in an Educational Context

Motivation is the process of initiating and directing behaviour based on the persistence of effort to satisfy an individual goal or need (Petri, 1991; Robbins et al, 2000 and Robbins et al, 2001). There are two approaches to understanding motivation, each of which has theories expanding to support the nature of motivation. Content theories focuses on what motivates an individual. In contrast to process theories of motivation which focus on how individual behaviour is motivated. This essay will focus on motivation in an educational context and the importance to provide opportunities and motivation for students.

The purpose of this essay is to present a theoretical overview of the key differences between content theories and process theories of motivation. Then a programme developed from a theory to be applied to an undergraduate business course at Monash University. The motivational programme will focus on improving the assessment technique used by lecturers and tutors (¡§teachers¡¨) that will motivate and improve undergraduate students learning ability. The aim will be to encourage students to gain a better understanding of the core concepts of business. Assessment in universities needs to be reshaped in order to motivate students. (more…)

Value of a Baccalaureate Degree Essay

I would like to pursue a baccalaureate degree in Business Management for several reasons. It will give me a goal to reach for, it will help me excel in both my present career and in the future, and it will give me something to do during my free time while I am not at work.

The goal I am striving for is the actual diploma stating that I have a baccalaureate degree in Business Management. I feel that this goal is achievable and can be obtained in the next few years. I believe that I should always set goals for myself so that I know which direction I want to head in life. In the process of reaching this goal, I will be able to take the skills learned in class and put them to use in the job I currently have. I hope to become more proficient in the skills I already have and to become more self-efficient in the tasks I have to perform. I would like to become a better communicator in both verbal expression and written forms. I would like to learn how to get my message across in a more clear and concise manner while communicating with both peers and management at work. I feel this would help both my present employer and myself, now and in the future. I feel the better I become at my job while using the new application skills I will learn while attending school for my graduate degree, will better the company, which will in turn help my career in the future. (more…)

Age Discrimination in Employment Act Essay

Congress enacted the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) in 1967 (Bennett-Alexander, 326). Even though the Act was passed more than thirty years ago, age discrimination still exists today. Although some of the cases of age discrimination may not be intentional, many are. Whatever the reason for the discrimination, intentional or unintentional, it still violates the ADEA. For this reason, it is important for employers to understand the ADEA and ways in which they can prevent being sued for age discrimination.

The Law
The ADEA states:
Sec. 4 (a) It shall be unlawful for an employer-
(1) to fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual or otherwise discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions, or privilege of employment, because of such individual’s age;
(2) to limit, segregate, or classify his employees in any way which would deprive or tend to deprive any individual of employment opportunities or otherwise adversely affect his status as an employee, because of such individual’s age; or
(3) to reduce the wage rate of any employee in order to comply with this chapter (Age Discrimination in, 2). (more…)

Reflective Essay on Education

What do I think about Education

Education is the pursuit of knowledge, not a goal that can be reached after obtaining a college degree. A person, no matter how much they know, can never stop learning simply because they have completed a college or master degree program. Instead, a person is educated when he or she continues to devote their lives to understanding what they do not yet still comprehend or know.

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It centralizes on acquiring knowledge to promote intellectual and personal growth. Education is about acquiring information, learning new skills and developing already existing abilities.

Education opens windows and doors to so many things, such as history, biology, astronomy and so forth. Without education one cannot know the nature and dedication that our forefathers went through so we can have the world we live in today.

Education stems from the day we are born. We are being educated from that point on until eternity. In essence education is the commitment to the pursuit of knowledge, with a mind constantly open to new theories and innovations. (more…)

A Touch to School Life Essay

Everybody has been a student and students complain about their grades. Students seem to be right to complain about the grades because our grading system is not a good one and causes a lot of pressure on students but can we say that we should completely eliminate the grading system. Although we can’t take out the whole grading system, we can make some adjustments to make it fairer and decrease the pressure on students.

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The major problem about the grading system is that it has very large intervals to determine grades. For instance every student who gets from 0 to 59 percent gets an “F” which means failure but is it true that every one in this interval has an equal knowledge. Is it fair that a student with 55 percent on an exam place in the same category, F, with a student who got 12 percent on the same exam? The solution to this unfairness can be dividing 100 points into 10 intervals where students getting below 60 still fails but showing how close he was to pass the course. This way we can also solve the problem of “what is the difference between a student with 59 and who fails the course and a student who got 60 and passed?” Because teachers could say “you are not qualified to pass but still we see that you know many things about the lesson.” (more…)

Buy Essay on Pursuing a Career as a Sports Agent

Professtional sports agents not only handle the business and legal deals for professional athletes but also negotiate contracts and help athletes manage their money. One thinking that the career of a sports agent is a nine to five desk job is seriously mistaken. In most cases, sports agents do much traveling to meet athletes and league representatives as well as to recruit new clients (Bridges). Although this information may be true for this career today, it’s beginnings were quite different. In the beginning of professional sports, many professional athletes found themselves in a serious predicament with the legal and financial problems.

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To counter this problem, they looked for someone to aid and manage all these problems so they could focus on their jobs (“Public Relations Specialists”). And, although the historical significances of sports agents demonstrated innovations and ingenuity, the future of sports agent remains of utmost importance for one pursuing a job in this specialized field. The Occupational Outlook Handbook predicts faster than average growth for sports agents until 2008. In seeking a career as a sports agent, a person should consider training, the cost of training, conditons on the job, and the benefits of the profession. (more…)

Buy Self Evaluation Essay

After reviewing the structure and available courses offered through Boston University’s Master of Science in Criminal Justice On-Line Degree format, I truly believe that I belong in the program. While other universities provide a similar format of distance learning, many of these institutions do not carry the academic accreditation and overall prestige that accompanies an education through Boston University. The testimonials from law enforcement professionals validate investing into the university’s curriculum; consequently, anyone serious about advancing one’s law enforcement career must attempt to gain acceptance into Boston University’s Graduate Criminal Justice Program.

As I near completion of my undergraduate degree requirements, I am concurrently embarking on my law enforcement career pursuit. With no law enforcement career experience, I must obtain a graduate degree to remain competitive throughout the hiring process. Regardless of whether the agency exists at the federal, state, or local level, these agencies routinely seek individuals with law enforcement experience. (more…)

Buy The electoral college essay online

Buy The electoral college essay online. The recent election involving Bush and Gore has heated up a fifty year old debate. The debate is about whether the Electoral College is still an effective system considering the circumstances the United States now faces compared to when it was created by the founding fathers. The Electoral College is an outdated system of election that misrepresents the people of the United States today. The college was created in a time where communication was limited. Treason, tyranny, and oppression from foreign countries were still a serious threat. In order to protect the people and the institution of America, the government created an election system that allowed the final vote to rest in the hands of a trusted and respected few. These selected few could disregard the popular vote because there was and still is “no Constitutional provision or federal law requiring electors to vote in accordance with the popular vote in their states (National Archives and Records Administration).” For about one hundred and fifty years the United States has used a system that does not coincide with the most popular opinion, but yet, it has been the prevailing system that has not substantially changed with the evolution of American society. (more…)

My school essay

Local citizens invested their own labor and money to found this college. On December 5, 1851, Mossy Creek Baptist Seminary was chartered to offer educational opportunities to the Baptists of this region. The Civil War years proved difficult for the new institution, however. Union troops occupied the buildings, and faced with debt, the college closed its doors and the land was sold at auction. But bold dreams do not die. In 1869, college president Dr. Jesse Baker rode 3,500 miles on horseback to raise $5,250 to pay the college’s debts.

In 1880, the college became known as Carson College in honor of a founder who established an endowment for ministerial education. Two years later, Newman College was established for the education of women. The two colleges merged in 1889 as Carson-Newman College. With capable leadership and supportive alumni and friends, the college survived a war-ravaged era marked by economic depression. Soon, with the onset of World War II, the institution faced an unprecedented demand for educational opportunities. Carson-Newman College made its facilities available to the United States government for the training of officers for the armed forces. (more…)

Graduate Degree essay

Why should I pursue a graduate degree? Is a demanding question that is often asked in one form or another among students that have completed their undergraduate degree. This question is a challenging question for many due to situations and circumstances that are taking place in student’s lives. Situations and circumstances include new marriages, new families, demanding careers, as well as, diverse social and networking activities in the church and community. Despite the situations and circumstances that are weighed against the options of pursuing a graduate degree or not pursuing a graduate degree: Choosing to obtain a graduate degree could prepare one for unlimited possibilities in personal, scholastic, or professional endeavors.

I chose to pursue a graduate degree to mutually fulfill my life long learning commitment as well as my personal development commitments established before or during undergraduate school. One commitment I made to myself was to increase my self-confidence. It was the same reason I chose to join the US Army immediately following high school; since, I wanted to fulfill the army’s basic training requirements while increasing my self-confidence. Another commitment made to myself was to improve specific networking skills in my current job at UPS. (more…)