Essay About The Graduate

In a young man’s life, many things become confusing. Things that were always easily understood are now full of confusion. Things are especially confusing for a young boy who is fresh out of college and has no direction in life. In the movie “The Graduate” Benjamin Braddock is that boy who is lost without any direction. Confusion causes Benjamin Braddock to make poor judgement, which results in several problems with his relationships with people.

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It is safe to say that some of Benjamin’s relationships with friends and family have been at very least slightly altered by the end of the movie. Ben’s relationship with Mrs. Robinson was tragically disturbed. Although Mrs. Robinson was very forward in what she wanted and extremely seductive towards Ben, there was absolutely no reason for him to go through with the relationship they had for a while. He started this relationship because he wanted to become a man. In his head he still thought of himself as a boy. Especially when Mrs. Robinson asked him if this was his first time. He was offended to the point that he wanted to prove to her that he was a man. (more…)