Reflective Essay on Education

What do I think about Education

Education is the pursuit of knowledge, not a goal that can be reached after obtaining a college degree. A person, no matter how much they know, can never stop learning simply because they have completed a college or master degree program. Instead, a person is educated when he or she continues to devote their lives to understanding what they do not yet still comprehend or know.

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It centralizes on acquiring knowledge to promote intellectual and personal growth. Education is about acquiring information, learning new skills and developing already existing abilities.

Education opens windows and doors to so many things, such as history, biology, astronomy and so forth. Without education one cannot know the nature and dedication that our forefathers went through so we can have the world we live in today.

Education stems from the day we are born. We are being educated from that point on until eternity. In essence education is the commitment to the pursuit of knowledge, with a mind constantly open to new theories and innovations. (more…)

Education: The Big Payoff

In the business market today, a college education is something to be treasured. In both earning and learning prospective, a college education is worth every penny. An Anonymous person once said, “If you think the price of education is expensive, try the price of ignorance. You pay for ignorance everyday for the rest of your life.” In 2000, 84% of American adults ages 25 and over had at least completed high school and 26% of those had continued on to receive a bachelor’s degree or higher, both at all-time highs. The same study also showed that more American women than men have received bachelor’s degrees every year since 1982. People decide to go to college for many reasons. Some of the most persuasive motives are self-worth, better job opportunities, and economic value.

Our self-esteem influences what we think, how we communicate, how we act, and how others treat us. In regards to education, I believe a better job, financial stability and respect in your workplace are all factors that can promote your self-worth. Without a college degree you may be just settling for a certain job, which can lead to unhappiness. Going to a job everyday that you really don’t want to do doesn’t help your self-esteem. With a degree you can earn respect at your workplace, which empowers you to perform your job to the fullest and look forward to coming to work the next day. You will feel that you are worth more to society and to yourself. (more…)