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Buy Essay Deaf School. Nationally and internationally recognized for its commitment to the bilingual/bicultural philosophy of student learning, California School of the Deaf in Fremont is, by far, a remarkable institution. Notable achievements from its curriculum to its sports cause this institute to rise above others. The school prepares students for independent living with rigorous career programs, job coaches, work experience and transition specialists who follow students for two years after graduation, helping them assimilate into their home communities.
The California School for the Deaf (CSD) was founded in 1860 and was the first special education program established in California. Begun in San Francisco, the first class had three students. In 1869, the school moved to a new campus in Berkeley, with approximately fifty students. By 1915 the school’s enrollment had grown to 215 students and the campus was enlarged for the second time. Dr. Henry Klopping was appointed Superintendent in 1975. He believed strongly in the need of the community to be informed regarding the educational needs of the deaf, so he began a new Community Education program with Leo Jacobs as its coordinator. This later became the Outreach Division. (more…)