Graduate School

Statement of Intent: One page, typed, explaining your goals in Graduate School leading to your MFA Final Project

Nowadays, the world is changing so fast. There have a lot of advanced, especially in special effect movies; they are more outstanding and exciting than before such as Star war, Hulk, and Matrix. They used a lot of visual effects and character to make more realistic and superior. Currently, the visual effects and character are not too difficult for everyone because of nowadays we have a lot of opportunity to learn and practice. We don’t have to use computer high quality to work at a big company. Because now, they don’t have to use a lot of energy and spend more money, we can do it at home. However, studying from websites or textbooks are not sufficient to make it good enough, so I believe that many people prefer to study computer graphic at school. Furthermore, that must be best school.

In the course of intention my way through school, first of all, I have been interesting in computer graphic for a long time because when I was a child, I used to play and watched a lot of computer games and cartoons that might be the same reason as other people. I have never thought I can use a computer for graphic. At that time, I did not have a chanced to use a computer while I was studying fine art at university. I just paid attention to fine art so I did not know how to use a computer. Until I met someone who is my computer teacher in Thailand, he gave me a lot of computer graphic knowledge, so that made me broader one’s mind and begun my attention.

Currently, when I use computer, I always think computer graphic have much more ability than I know. Extremely, I use it a lot. I can see they’re more complex and profound. So this is the reason way I came to the United States to learn more about computer graphic. I wanted to change my environment because I believe that it’s very necessary for improvement and grow up. If my surrounding have many excellent people that can be help me to become excellent too, so I think the Academy of Art college is the one can assist me. I know this school is very stable and strong computer graphic and they separate a lot of subject that mean student can study specific particular subject.

Finally, if I can get accept to this school, I plan to do realistic character especially animal because I think that is a big challenge for me. I have to do a lot of research and study their structure. For example, bone muscle and learn how they movement. If I can make it, I would like to give them unusual animation to make the people surprise.

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