Graduate Degree essay

Why should I pursue a graduate degree? Is a demanding question that is often asked in one form or another among students that have completed their undergraduate degree. This question is a challenging question for many due to situations and circumstances that are taking place in student’s lives. Situations and circumstances include new marriages, new families, demanding careers, as well as, diverse social and networking activities in the church and community. Despite the situations and circumstances that are weighed against the options of pursuing a graduate degree or not pursuing a graduate degree: Choosing to obtain a graduate degree could prepare one for unlimited possibilities in personal, scholastic, or professional endeavors.

I chose to pursue a graduate degree to mutually fulfill my life long learning commitment as well as my personal development commitments established before or during undergraduate school. One commitment I made to myself was to increase my self-confidence. It was the same reason I chose to join the US Army immediately following high school; since, I wanted to fulfill the army’s basic training requirements while increasing my self-confidence. Another commitment made to myself was to improve specific networking skills in my current job at UPS. For instance, I committed to improving my interpersonal skills, both oral and written communication skills. By improving these skills, I would be able to relate better with my coworkers as well as external customers of UPS. Furthermore, my ultimate personal commitment is to one day own my own business. A graduate degree would help me learn many of the entrepreneurial qualities needed to operate my own business as well as help to ensure my foundation of relevant business credentials and qualifications.
Fulfilling the expectation of my professor while in undergraduate school is another reason I chose to attend graduate school. When I was working on my Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Texas Wesleyan University, I can remember that Doctor James L. Whittington, Assistant Professor of Management, at the time challenged me to pursue my master’s degree following graduation. “I expect you to get your Masters Degree!” he stated—were the words uttered from his mouth at the duration of my organizational behavior management course. This expectation along has encouraged me in ways I have never even imagined. Specifically, my mind has been replaying the words of Dr. Whittington repeatedly over the last four years and I also inquired via the internet or by mail concerning different graduate programs countless times to locate a first-rate graduate program. Therefore, Dr. Whittington’s expectation has produced within me a thirst that can only be satisfied by securing a graduate degree.

Finally, I chose to obtain my graduate degree to fulfill professional development responsibilities. A graduate degree is not necessarily important to qualify for a promotion or for a job with higher levels of responsibility at UPS. Yet, a graduate degree could prove to be critical since graduate degrees demonstrate a person’s perseverance to see an objective to completion. In other words, a graduate degree could give one the upper edge in the work place.

Graduate degrees are tools that are pursued for personal, scholastic, and professional reasons. They are intended to prepare one for positions of greater responsibility in the work place. However, graduate degrees are not guaranteed tools to success. They are vehicles that could propel one to the peak of the corporate ladder when used suitably. For these reasons, I chose to pursue my Master of Business Administration/e-Business (MBA/EB) degree at the University of Phoenix.

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