General Education

In a sense of speaking, doing the job one has been trained to do, does not necessarily mean the person is experienced and does a great job. To be experienced is to do extra outside the specialized workplace to which comes the ability to do things that are not necessarily required to be done. This is why we as school children are required to take general education in college. School children keep whining about the fact of having to take general education in college and say that they hardly help them in their future careers. General education does help a lot; we just don’t see it in ourselves but through other. General education might not seem as an important component of our schooling, but if a deep look is taken into its effect on school children, it does have a lot of importance, and the more reason it needs to stay in the university curriculum.

There are many discussions I hear around campus about students doing classes that totally have nothing to do with what they are majoring in, such as, majoring in nursing and having to do freshman composition or American history. Having taken a religion class has no direct relationship to becoming a psychologist whatsoever, but once a big picture is seen, a great career starts with a well-matured mind and stable background.

Job opportunities these days have a great correlation with general education. According to most employers, it’s not how well you do your job; it’s how well you do what’s not your job. They look for someone who is more open-minded rather than fixed on what they have been trained to do. Most jobs require the ability to communicate effectively and to deal with certain life situations that don’t directly deal with the profession. For instance, a nurse might not necessarily have to do psychology or freshman composition, but in order to effectively communicate and socialize with patients, these courses do play a big role. Most professional careers have almost everything to do with interaction skills and general education has everything to do with achieving that. Without general education, a career would become an experience worth living for.

For those that don’t really have a stable ground as to what they want to do in their future, general education has come to be known to open up the window of potential career choices. General education helps one to choose what he or she would like to do in the future. General education has been known to keep an open door for a graduate, so to speak; it leaves so many opportunities for future profession taking. I could be a simple physician, but have done psychology in university, I could easily help out somebody who is having cognitive or mental problems. I could have a minor specialty of general psychology.

General education does not only correlate only with careers. General education also has something to do with relationships with others as a whole. For instance, if I were someone who just took my required classes for med school, I would become more of a non-sociable person. I would probably become an introvert and someone who wouldn’t be able to deal with small issues of life. General education such as religion, history, psychology, and freshman composition would help me in my relationship with my still-to-come children. In order to be successfully socially and spiritually, especially at Southwestern Adventist University, general education plays a major role.

General education builds great-minded humans. Just the other day I had participated in the ‘Annual Alumni Fund Phonathon’, and came to realize that many doctors and teachers came to be what they are from Southwestern Adventist University. They talked so well on the phone and were very interactive. To be honest, no one who I called was rude or had nothing to say to me. I also had some long conversations with many of the alumni. General education had to have a role as to what these alumni came to be. This is why it has to be left in the curriculum. Both private and government schools need to keep the standard of doing general education because the betterment of the future of school children is instilled by general education. The government and the people need to realize how much this education does to the school children. The children themselves need to realize how much general education is doing to them and their future. General education is like the heartbeat . . . the cornerstone of a career and we all need to make sure that it stays in our schools and that it never fades away because if it does, all will break loose.

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