Essay on “Should Celebrities Who Break the Law Face Stricter Penalties?”

There is no question that anyone who breaks the law must be punished. The punishment does not have to be a prison sentence; it could be a heavy fine, restitution, hard labor, community service. However, there has to be some punishment. If there is no punishment, it sends a message to others that breaking the law is acceptable, go ahead and do it; nothing will happen to you. Punishing the offender may not be a deterrent to crime, but not punishing the offender will easily be construed as an encouragement to commit crimes.

Whatever you do in life, you always gain something, and you always give up something. The question is what you are gaining, and what you are giving up. When one becomes a celebrity, he or she becomes famous. By the same token, when one becomes a celebrity, there is no more “privacy” in the sense that almost everything the celebrity does will be the subject to public scrutiny. A celebrity becomes a public figure; it is his/her conscious choice. Celebrities will be photographed frequently; they will have their names in the newspapers and television on a regular basis. They also become role models, especially for the young, and because they are role models, they must accept the notion that they will be held to a higher standard than people who are not well known. What would be considered a minor infraction for one person must be looked upon as a serious offense for a celebrity.
This is the price that one must pay for fame.

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