Essay on Why Graduate School?

The well known cliché “life is a journey, not a destination” is a very true and pertinent statement as to why I wish to return to graduate school. In life we all reach points where we must step out of our comfort zone in order to grow. I have reached one of those particular points and feel that it is time to continue my education in graduate school. Attaining an advanced degree such as an M.B.A. can be a necessity in today’s very competitive economy. Companies want people who are educated and can give them every edge possible. Possessing a graduate level degree can have several superb advantages. The specific reasons why I wish to return to graduate school are to create more lucrative career opportunities, expand personal knowledge, and obtain a sense of personal achievement.

Although not the entire calculation of career success, salary is a very widely used benchmark. It takes effort and desire to increase one’s salary so therefore often it is used as measurement. Education is a very important weapon to have in the fight to increase one’s salary. According to a recently released U.S. Census Bureau Report. Personal average lifetime earnings directly correlate with level of education with high school graduates earning an average 1.2 million, college graduates 2.1 million and graduate school(law, medical, & business) graduates 4.4 million(, 2003, 1st Para.). It is also a well known fact that during economically recessive times lower paying jobs are usually eliminated at a rate more rapid than management positions. Therefore having a graduate level degree can provide you with a career that is not only more lucrative monetarily but also more secure.

Furthermore, I was once told that “Education is a never ending process.” and with this statement I tend to agree. Everyday is a learning day and a day to expand one’s mind. Nothing brings about learning better than a focused dedicated institution of education environment such as graduate school. To gain knowledge one needs to be associated with knowledgeable people. Intellectual stimulation and expansion will only come about in a correctly nurtured atmosphere. I hope that Graduate school will provide with this atmosphere exposing me to new knowledge and ideas.

To accomplish any goal of significance one must be disciplined and focused. One must be one of the special “few” in order to not only begin a mission but also complete it. According to a year 2000 report available at the web site less than 9%(8.9) of the U.S. population 25 and older hold degrees beyond bachelors. With this being stated one could not help but to feel a sense of personal achievement upon completing the uncommon task of obtaining an advanced degree. Therefore I now begin on the journey to attain my Masters of Business Administration. with hopes I will be able to accomplish this exceptional goal.

The prime reasons why I wish to return to graduate school are to create more lucrative career opportunities, expand personal knowledge, and obtain a sense of personal achievement. All three of these motives could stand alone on their own as reason enough to attend. Companies respect those who have “dedication and commitment” and earning an advanced degree demonstrates these well-thought-of qualities(, 2003, 1st Para.). Investing resources in one’s future to gain keener knowledge differentiates one from the crowd. With this being established the question for me is not “Why graduate school?” but rather “Why not?”.

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