Essay on Radio Popular in the Age of Television

Why Do You Believe Radio Has Continued to Be Popular in the Age of Television?

The issue I am going to write about is why such means of information transmission as radio stays popular at the time when more modern technologies are evolving.

Radio has always been one of the most powerful media. It goes without saying that it is popular due to the fact that the necessary equipment – radio-transmitter and receiver – is rather cheap in comparison to that of the television. This gives radio a competitive advantage over television, as practically every person can afford using the former, whereas TV programs cost money in addition to the price of purchasing a TV-set.

Secondly, in some situations people cannot acquire information by any other means. For instance, while driving a car to work, you cannot watch tv-programs, whereas when listening to the radio, you are not distracted from driving and at the same time have the opportunity to find out about the traffic jams on your way.

Thirdly, the radio is a different medium than television, as far as the content is concerned. Radio channels broadcast music of a certain genre, whereas television music channels gain their popularity mostly by featuring celebrities or trying to entertain the target audience with special reports about their lives. It is absolutely unreasonable to use television in order to listen to music, while radio is initially tailored for that purpose.

Furthermore, the majority of the radio audience prefers to listen to the radio while participating in some other activity, such as knitting, cooking or doing up, which is not possible with television, as the latter requires your full attention.

All in all, it should be taken into account, that although television has become more popular nowadays, radio is still a useful medium, which has its permanent audience and can be used for various purposes.

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