Education: The Big Payoff

In the business market today, a college education is something to be treasured. In both earning and learning prospective, a college education is worth every penny. An Anonymous person once said, “If you think the price of education is expensive, try the price of ignorance. You pay for ignorance everyday for the rest of your life.” In 2000, 84% of American adults ages 25 and over had at least completed high school and 26% of those had continued on to receive a bachelor’s degree or higher, both at all-time highs. The same study also showed that more American women than men have received bachelor’s degrees every year since 1982. People decide to go to college for many reasons. Some of the most persuasive motives are self-worth, better job opportunities, and economic value.

Our self-esteem influences what we think, how we communicate, how we act, and how others treat us. In regards to education, I believe a better job, financial stability and respect in your workplace are all factors that can promote your self-worth. Without a college degree you may be just settling for a certain job, which can lead to unhappiness. Going to a job everyday that you really don’t want to do doesn’t help your self-esteem. With a degree you can earn respect at your workplace, which empowers you to perform your job to the fullest and look forward to coming to work the next day. You will feel that you are worth more to society and to yourself.

One of the largest benefits to receiving a degree is being able to get and keep a better job. In the work world today a college degree on your resume can be the deciding factor between you and another candidate for a given position. Instead of settling for a job, you can get the job you want. You will be happier if you work hard to do what you really want and achieve your goal of having a better job. With a college degree you shouldn’t have a hard time finding that job you want because you will have more to choose from. This is especially true since many jobs are now requiring a college education. College will also give you the training and experience needed in the workplace. As a student you will learn to express your thoughts clearly in speech and in writing as well as make informed decisions. The life long skills your professors promise that you will take away from your college days will prove true.

Higher education also has an large economic value. This is probably the biggest motive for many students to achieve a degree. A college education will always appreciate in value, not depreciate like many other consumer purchases. A college education requires commitment, planning, saving and some sacrifices. Regardless, it is an investment that will pay you back for a lifetime. In 1998, average annual earnings for a high school graduate were $22,895. In comparison, an individual with a bachelor’s degree had an average annual earning of $40,478, almost double that of a high school graduate. By looking at the rise in annual income just by completing your bachelor’s degree, you can begin to see what even higher education such as a master’s and doctoral degrees can do for your income. There is a lot of money to be made in the world and there’s no reason that any one person shouldn’t have the opportunity to have his or her hand in the pot. An expectation of future economic success can become a reality if you work hard and take the extra step to receive a degree and further your education.

It is essential to understand the importance of investing in yourself in order to see the true value of a college education. Higher education unlocks doors to endless opportunities. Feeling good about yourself, the decisions you are making in your life, the achievements you are able to reach, respect in the workplace, and prosperity are all sensations directly linked to a college education.

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