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As I walked through the doors of the beginning of my high school year, I realized that very moment, I am about to deal with many obstacles that will try to separate me from my goals. Through much turbulence and interventions that I have faced to achieve many of my ambitions; I have developed into a stronger individual. Throughout my family, none of my six brothers and sisters had ever graduated from high school, and I know since I am the last daughter; my goal is to graduate high school with at least a 4.0 as my grade point average and become a role model for other people. Having my goals already set in advance shows my determination to succeed in life.

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Towards the end of my ninth grade year, one of the numerous obstacles that I had to face was finding out that I was sick with something that doctors did not even know what I had. He said that my stomach was processing some type of bacteria that was not supposed to be there. So he said that maybe it was best if they wash out my stomach by sticking a tube down my throat and clean the inside of my stomach. After that procedure, he said that it will not come back again. Soon later, about one month, my stomach started to hurt. My parents took me back to the hospital and the doctor said that the bacteria came back again. They did not know what to do so they just gave me tons of medicine, therefore, they could figure out what to do. Not only did I begin to lose confidence in myself, but I started to fall in to a deep depression. I begin to not care about my school work as I once did and started to daydream in class. My grades were dropping for the semester and I didn’t even bother to care. On top of that, I, always hearing my parents fight over the medical bills did not help. I kept thinking to myself how everything was perfect but now everything falling apart so fast, and I can not stop it. Three months later, my doctor called, he told us to come to the hospital. My parents and I raced to the hospital and the doctor said to us, “There is a chance that we can make you become better. I reviewed your x-rays and I think that the best way is to go into your stomach and make a surgical removal.” At that moment, the drive that had kept me going before had return. Of course I was scared, but knowing what all my parents had done for me, gave me confidence and endurance. Then we went home, I dug through my trash can and pulled out my grade point average report that I got. On there, I read… GPA: 3.6 RANK: 79. I knew I could have done better than that, so from then on, I began working extremely harder.

During the summer, I went to my friend’s birthday party and I met some amazing people, or so I thought. Around 11, I began to see people drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. The image that I saw from those people just shattered like a robber breaking a glass window. That image faded into a black and white scene and, me, the only colored one at the party. Then a group of people pulled me in, and offered me a smoke. More images popped in my head! My whole life flashed before my eyes, and I saw myself dead, in a coffin. I began to wonder why some people would just destroy everything they had work hard for just to end their life’s. I walked away and out through the door. I called my mom to come pick me up and told her what happened.

The beginning of my tenth grade year, I thought to myself that life could not be better than this. My grades were getting better; my family was understanding, my involvements with the school, and I was getting closer to a friend, Katie, that I just met in scouts. One day, after scouts, all the members decided to go eat out at IHOP, and I asked Katie to come along. At first, she did not want to, but I begged her to go. We got there and everyone ordered, but she said that she was not hungry. I did not think much about it, until it began to happen MORE frequently! I got really concerned, and decided that I should go talk to her. After one of our scout meeting, I asked her if something was wrong, and she said that nothing was wrong. But I could see the lies in her eyes because she could not look straight into mine. I told her what I thought was going on and she began to yell at me for not minding my own business. Then her dad came and she took off. I got really worried and apprehensive. I thought that the best thing to do was to talk to someone about it. So I went to our school LIGHT councilor and told her about the situation. She helped me out, said that I should talk to Katie’s parents, and she would help me. When Katie found out what I had done; she got furious and did not even want to talk to me. Even though I was hurt that she was mad at me; I knew I did the right thing and this shows that I know how to handle things in rough situations.

The end of first semester, the school was passing out the update on rankings and grade point averages again. I was tremendously excited yet frantically scared at the same time! The moment of truth, the moment I find out how well I did will pay off at this time. I was handed my report, and a tingling chill went through every part of my body. I opened it up… RANK: 50, GPA 3.8. I was shocked! Not only did I go up 29 spots but I was closer to my goal! I knew that second semester I would need to work even harder to get it up to a 4.0 and I was determined too!

Towards the end of tenth grade, I ran for student council secretary. I thought that this would be a great position for me because I am a organize person, and willing to work. Plus, I wanted to become a role model for other students and I thought this was the best way to do so. The week of campaigning, and sure enough, it was a bad election. Students were ripping flyers down of the people they did not like, and spitting on them like it was their right to do so. Finally, the end of that week, the old student council officers made their announcement to whom that won. When, they said my name, I was exceptionally excited! I screamed and jumped up and down! It was a moment I could not forgot. I could not wait for next year to come so that I could start another chapter in my life.

Through so much instability, confusion, and commotions that I have conquered; such as balancing my grades, part time jobs, extra curricular activities and my personal life. The lessons I have learned has taught me to move through life with dedication, determination, and confidence. With those qualities, I will be able to achieve many more goals that I have set for myself during and after college.

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