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Martin Luther King an exceptional civil rights leader who began the major change in the south that we in fact see today. Before King came on the scene there were many problems with diversity in the south. Blacks were not allowed to eat or even go to the same places as the whites; everything that was available was segregated. Due to King he began the most powerful step in the right direction on the fight against segregation in the south. He started small then worked his way politically toward Washington DC, which without a doubt was an awesome move. That move in particular made all the hurt and pain of the blacks visible to the whole nation to see and decide for them where we stand in terms of diversity as a nation.

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In our society today I really believe that we have come a long way from the spraying and restaurant segregation however it is not those acts that I am concerned about; I just want to be treated fairly. Whether it be for employment or even school or excepted by another race, I just believe that once we can see past the color of ones skin and start to examine ones character we will have defeated diversity.

Furthermore some people look at diversity as a bad thing, however that is absolutely not the case. That is necessity for a society to learn about one another and be able to live comfortably together. Really lets break it down, what if our whole nation was red and I mean everything people, cars, homes, and even everyday paper, how boring would that be, there would be no change, and you could actually save you opinion because there would be no use for one. Looking at diversity in more ways then just the color of ones skin really puts diversity in perspective, and really makes us realize how lucky we are to have many colors and now we should just stop taking it for granitite and appreciate the many colors that we have.

In terms of me actually standing up for diversity I am indirectly involved in NAACP with my mother who is a lifetime member. And that’s an excellent way to get your feet wet in the muddy waters of diversity.

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