A Touch to School Life Essay

Everybody has been a student and students complain about their grades. Students seem to be right to complain about the grades because our grading system is not a good one and causes a lot of pressure on students but can we say that we should completely eliminate the grading system. Although we can’t take out the whole grading system, we can make some adjustments to make it fairer and decrease the pressure on students.

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The major problem about the grading system is that it has very large intervals to determine grades. For instance every student who gets from 0 to 59 percent gets an “F” which means failure but is it true that every one in this interval has an equal knowledge. Is it fair that a student with 55 percent on an exam place in the same category, F, with a student who got 12 percent on the same exam? The solution to this unfairness can be dividing 100 points into 10 intervals where students getting below 60 still fails but showing how close he was to pass the course. This way we can also solve the problem of “what is the difference between a student with 59 and who fails the course and a student who got 60 and passed?” Because teachers could say “you are not qualified to pass but still we see that you know many things about the lesson.”

According to the article “grades and self-esteem” by Randy Moore it is explained how teachers lower their standards and give high grades in order student to build a self-esteem and decrease the pressure on students. This is another result of inadequate grading and high pressure but it is inconvenient what these teachers do because building self-esteem over fake grades will not have any use. Moore gave a very good example of how building self-esteem over fake grades fails by giving the results of an international research in which 13 year old Korean students ranked first in math and Americans ranked last where 23% of the Koreans claimed that they were good in math and 68% of Americans claimed they were good in math. In the real world, when the students get to a company they will not be able to accomplish their job properly. Lowering standards in order to build a self-esteem will only make students graduate with lower skills and in the buisiness world they will fail. Their “well built self-esteem” will burst under the real life’s pressure. A high grade does not mean necessarily very good skills, as the students` skills are not enough. Another example from Moore’s article, points to the Californian 8th grade students whose only 11% of them can solve 7th grade problems.

However instead of lowering standards, schools should give an education, which is less dependant to memorizing. There should not be any unnecessary formula memorizing because memorizing is temporary, sooner or later memorized stuff gets forgotten besides in the real life nobody hides these formulas. This is what makes education boring; no student wants to learn Latin words for biology classes. When a student picks a major then schools should be teaching every detail and making students memorize formulas. Understanding the logic of courses and developing mind should be the main goal of teachers. Exams should be more depending on how much student got the idea, not on how creepy I can set a question and trick students. The best example could be not making an exam for a writing class. No one should be expected to write a perfect essay in an hour and half. How can a teacher understand how much the student actually knows about writing an essay from a paper written in such short time?

Another big issue causing problems to students is high pressure they get from school. No one could ever ignore the pressure in school life but there not a single thing in our lives that doesn’t cause pressure one way or another. We can’t argue that pressure is good but either we can’t escape from it. In a way pressure in school prepares us for the real life’s pressure which is much more devastating.

School life could be much more easier if a fairer grading system would put in use and teachers teach things that would be more in the actual life. In addition to this teachers should pay attention when they lower any standards because good grades when student didn’t learn anything doesn’t have any use.

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