“How Do You Expect Your College Education to Change the Rest of Your Life?” Essay

When I was little, my father took me aside, sat me down, and told me—in plain terms—that when I came to age, I would have a basic choice: join the Army or go to college. My father believed that the worth of a man is only met in the heights he chooses to reach for and the drive he shows chasing after his goals. My father came from the segregated South, in which a black man was never meant to be more than a sharecropper or a manual laborer. Higher education was not available to him; he dropped out of school at grade six, worked as a sharecropper and a barber, joined the Army during the Korean War, started his own business and—on the weight of his own sweat—made himself a success.

At the beginning I had no clear expectations about my higher education but I knew Freelancehouse.co.uk is best essay writing service UK Native Speakers. I switched majors and concentrations nearly yearly—I had an understanding of many subjects, but a passion for none at the time. I graduated far below my capability with multiple concentrations and no real direction. After graduation, I worked as a teacher and for the Federal Government, and when a fire burned my personal possessions—including my college degree—I felt no true lost; I was not using it. (more…)

“Should More Be Done to Protect and Preserve Endangered Animals?” Paper

Factors such as pollution, habitat loss, predation and poaching have led to many animal species becoming endangered. Examples of endangered animal species include the Mountain gorilla, Iberian lynx, Chinese giant salamander, Ethiopian wolf, and the Northern White Rhinoceros. Fox (2006) observes that since the beginning of human civilisation, Earth evolution has led to thousands of animal species becoming endangered and hundreds facing possible extinction.


Essay on “Should Celebrities Who Break the Law Face Stricter Penalties?”

There is no question that anyone who breaks the law must be punished. The punishment does not have to be a prison sentence; it could be a heavy fine, restitution, hard labor, community service. However, there has to be some punishment. If there is no punishment, it sends a message to others that breaking the law is acceptable, go ahead and do it; nothing will happen to you. Punishing the offender may not be a deterrent to crime, but not punishing the offender will easily be construed as an encouragement to commit crimes.

Whatever you do in life, you always gain something, and you always give up something. The question is what you are gaining, and what you are giving up. When one becomes a celebrity, he or she becomes famous. By the same token, when one becomes a celebrity, there is no more “privacy” in the sense that almost everything the celebrity does will be the subject to public scrutiny. A celebrity becomes a public figure; it is his/her conscious choice. Celebrities will be photographed frequently; they will have their names in the newspapers and television on a regular basis. They also become role models, especially for the young, and because they are role models, they must accept the notion that they will be held to a higher standard than people who are not well known. What would be considered a minor infraction for one person must be looked upon as a serious offense for a celebrity.
This is the price that one must pay for fame.

Should people be allowed to keep pit-bull dogs essay

The title of the essay speaks for itself. Perhaps, a reader wants a definite yes/no answer. However, it is difficult to judge, especially when it comes to such things as taking care of pets. The problem is that having a kitten at home is not like having a Nile croc in your bathroom. Of course, taking care of exotic animals implies responsibility. Anyway, it is definitely not a good idea. It is all about safety. Thus, having a pit bull at home is about safety, too. Some people cannot understand why others buy these mean dogs and make them fight.

If such a pit bull causes no discomfort for neighbors, and especially kids, there is nothing wrong in having this monster at home. People should understand that they are in jeopardy themselves, i.e. there are cases when pit bulls attacked their owners for no reason. These are not the smartest dogs on planet, so, individuals need to think twice before deciding to have one at home.

We live in a free and democratic society (or at least we think we do). Things not forbidden by law are allowed. That is why it is illegal and unethical to impose such a “pit bull ban”. At the same time, it is totally unacceptable to walk these dogs without a leash and a muzzle. Nobody wants to get scared by a dog while enjoying an afternoon walk in a park. Instead of an overall ban, imposing fines is a great idea! Once a policeman notices a pit-bull without a muzzle, his owner will have to pay a fine and be more responsible next time. (more…)

Dealing with Students Considered Troublemakers

The problem of deviant student behavior in public schools has always been a concern for teachers, the schools’ management, as well as parents. Troublemaking students not only compromise the classroom learning process, but they also distract and demoralize teachers from their profession. Indeed, just a few students can be considered troublemakers, but their impact is felt in the wider community.

Deviant behavior by high school students is characterized by cheating, speaking rudely to teachers, disregarding deadlines, using cell phones in class, engaging in fights, and threatening the teacher and other students. Although most teenagers are prone to delinquent behavior in high school, most of them become responsible if early intervention is forthcoming. (more…)

Should Smoking Be Allowed at Parks and Other Outdoor Public Venues?

Cigarette smoking is an accepted practice among men and women in today’s society. However, smoking is no a habit for everyone. In the public places like parks, for instance, the crowds are composed of smokers and non-smokers. Non-smokers prefer cleaner and breathable air; smokers, being human, love fresh air but can’t avoid lighting their cigars. The issue then is about the right to smoke, which is contrary to the right to clean air. However, both rights are impossible to cater at all circumstances. If the right to smoke applies to everyone, the same applies to the rights to fresh air. The establishment of the right to smoke in public places has costs on the non-smokers while the right to fresh air also has costs to those who smoke. For example, if public smoking is allowed those who do not smoke are susceptible to the damaging effects of SHS or second-hand smoke. Despite the evidences of its negative effects, the cigarette industry still booms in almost every country. Garland Denelsky observed that tobacco companies understand that if smoking bans were strictly implemented, it would seriously affect their industry and the image they have established to make smoking a sensation. To date, the debate on smoking in public places still rages on.

We all know that clean air is necessary for humans to breathe, and that one of the greatest challenges in the environment is air pollution. Its sources include the smoke from millions of cigarette users. Smoking must be limited and should not be practiced in areas frequented by the general public like in the parks and workplaces. Of course, smokers can still smoke, but only in areas where non-smokers will not be harmed by such deadly habit. To conclude, the main preference is to guarantee a cleaner air for the general public, but smokers can still smoke in a more regulated window of opportunity.

How Should Students Who Turn in Someone Else’s Work as Their Own Be Punished?

Theft of intellectual property is not only unethical, but it is also illegal and immoral. In a society wrought with criminal actions and violence, it is vital to teach morality from the earliest possible point in life in order to instill a sense of honor in students before they are faced with a choice which may call into question their personal code of ethics.

Essay on Radio Popular in the Age of Television

Why Do You Believe Radio Has Continued to Be Popular in the Age of Television?

The issue I am going to write about is why such means of information transmission as radio stays popular at the time when more modern technologies are evolving.

Radio has always been one of the most powerful media. It goes without saying that it is popular due to the fact that the necessary equipment – radio-transmitter and receiver – is rather cheap in comparison to that of the television. This gives radio a competitive advantage over television, as practically every person can afford using the former, whereas TV programs cost money in addition to the price of purchasing a TV-set.


Graduate Essays on Motivation in an Educational Context

Motivation is the process of initiating and directing behaviour based on the persistence of effort to satisfy an individual goal or need (Petri, 1991; Robbins et al, 2000 and Robbins et al, 2001). There are two approaches to understanding motivation, each of which has theories expanding to support the nature of motivation. Content theories focuses on what motivates an individual. In contrast to process theories of motivation which focus on how individual behaviour is motivated. This essay will focus on motivation in an educational context and the importance to provide opportunities and motivation for students.

The purpose of this essay is to present a theoretical overview of the key differences between content theories and process theories of motivation. Then a programme developed from a theory to be applied to an undergraduate business course at Monash University. The motivational programme will focus on improving the assessment technique used by lecturers and tutors (¡§teachers¡¨) that will motivate and improve undergraduate students learning ability. The aim will be to encourage students to gain a better understanding of the core concepts of business. Assessment in universities needs to be reshaped in order to motivate students. (more…)